Strong like twisting oak branches in late summer haze   your arms that bubbles to the surface Slowly like spheres of gas      your humor escapes from sticky tar melting under the summer sun then Quickly like water droplets dancing on a hot skillet Rain hanging like sheets in a gray Clamoring line your legs two blocks down we run in the sun wet … Continue reading


Hector was sprawled on the concrete. Nose inches from the scratchy surface he was watching the ants. He admired the way they traveled in almost perfect lines, but also deviated from their path as if they wanted to explore but instinct held them in check. Like little drunk soldiers. He had never liked the name Hector. Just so strange, not really American, but also most … Continue reading Untitled

An Epilogue of Sorts (traveling to Los Angeles after a summer in France)

My last post for this category.  So there she is. Naive young girl, smart red dress, gray top, teal sneakers. Obstinately lugging her sewing machine through the airport. On her way to school in California and her senior year, supposedly full of stress and triumphs. But her head is still in the clouds. Golden ones floating above Paris from the Parc St. Cloud balastrade. Streaks … Continue reading An Epilogue of Sorts (traveling to Los Angeles after a summer in France)

Pressing (Paris Love II)

But the moment I treasure the most happened the next day, spread out on the cool damp grass in le Parc de la Villette. A happen-chance message found us together again on the eve of my departure from Europe. Foreheads and noses touching, muscular thigh pressing into my taught sinews, hand encompassing my slim shoulder in a firm steady grasp. Somewhere on the periphery, traces of … Continue reading Pressing (Paris Love II)

Confetti in June

On the way back to the Abesses station in Montematre I Spy 4 little boys gleefully chunking water balloons at each other and the occasional hapless passing tourist Chuckle. it’s sunny it’s late afternoon little remnants of colorful rubber litter the pavement damp from their generous recent showers Chortles of laughter scatter up the curve of the street and pieces of June scatter into clear … Continue reading Confetti in June