Strong like twisting oak branches in late summer haze   your arms that bubbles to the surface Slowly like spheres of gas      your humor escapes from sticky tar melting under the summer sun then Quickly like water droplets dancing on a hot skillet Rain hanging like sheets in a gray Clamoring line your legs two blocks down we run in the sun wet … Continue reading

Faith, Lust, and Philosophy (Normandy in a day)

Le matin The music. The glorious music. How it resounds throughout the building, deafening, thunderous chords rolling out in waves from the organ. Voices waft eerily up into the cold curving space, intricate as the breaths of angels. Now one understands why Handel, and Mozart, and Fauré wrote like they did. It was music meant for this cathedral, for these cool vaulted stone arches, for … Continue reading Faith, Lust, and Philosophy (Normandy in a day)

Metro Romance (Paris: la ligne 14)

Do you remember exchanging smiles on the metro? Just long enough for it to become awkward. In our separate trains we had unconsciously slipped into mirror images: leaning into oncoming traffic, letting the fatigue of the day wash over us under the fantastic blur of neon lights and clatter of the rails. This pause at the station brought our gazes into a perfect cross angle, two heads propped … Continue reading Metro Romance (Paris: la ligne 14)