18 days till I see you again. The clouds, yes, are miserable here. But they also capture all the soft, steady, subtle changes of rising and condensing vapor. Now, only a low band of light is visible on the distant horizon. Snow capped mountains gleam in its narrow channel of illumination while rain falls softly above them. The downpour hangs like dripping gray cotton from the blanket of … Continue reading Clouds

Lady (la deuxième, Lausanne to Paris by train)

Her eyes are as clear blue as the passing sky. I wonder what she’s thinking about and what she’s thought in the decades she’s passed. What does she see in the swiftly rolling hills and pastures? Are they new landscapes for her as well? Or does she know them exactly like she knows her hands: delicate and wrinkled with memories? Lips pressed into a straight, … Continue reading Lady (la deuxième, Lausanne to Paris by train)