Lady (la deuxième, Lausanne to Paris by train)

Her eyes are as clear blue as the passing sky. I wonder what she’s thinking about and what she’s thought in the decades she’s passed. What does she see in the swiftly rolling hills and pastures? Are they new landscapes for her as well? Or does she know them exactly like she knows her hands: delicate and wrinkled with memories? Lips pressed into a straight, … Continue reading Lady (la deuxième, Lausanne to Paris by train)

Lady (on the way to Lausanne)

I will miss this rolling green countryside, the thrill of climbing on a train, the new discovery every day, the fatigue of cheap lunches and sleepless nights in stranger’s beds. The meeting and sudden parting of ways. On the train to Lausanne I talked to Lady. Her name is the only real information I know about her. Well, other than the fact that she escaped … Continue reading Lady (on the way to Lausanne)

Rose (la Camargue)

Wow. I just finished 2 magnificent days with Rose, who’s real name is Brigitte. She adopted her nom de plume from the local nickname for the river, « la Rose », better known as « la Rhône ». Deep in the countryside, it flows in steady brown ripples towards the Mediterranean, a few hundred meters from her house in the Camargue. She’s a motherly matron – yet still Parisian … Continue reading Rose (la Camargue)