Two plus

Today I met Sarah. Sarah talks with the ease of someone twice her age. Her eyes are brown. She likes to emphasize her points with a little gesture. She talks with a frank voice. Her hair curls in ringlets hanging like shower curtains over both sides of her face. She stays late all the time. In class Sarah props her pencil up to rest her … Continue reading Two plus

Strong like twisting oak branches in late summer haze   your arms that bubbles to the surface Slowly like spheres of gas      your humor escapes from sticky tar melting under the summer sun then Quickly like water droplets dancing on a hot skillet Rain hanging like sheets in a gray Clamoring line your legs two blocks down we run in the sun wet … Continue reading

Wednesdays with Nadine

perched on the edge of a  chair the sterile color of my dry lips yellow glass of tepid water to the right two pairs of french glasses peer down expectantly across the table a pitifully thin blue binder of phrasal verbs under my left hand, i begin, “Alors, for example, if Obama…” “…Obama…Obama…Obama… mama…oh la la la!” As she blushes and leans back to pat … Continue reading Wednesdays with Nadine

Sometime after midnight in Helsinki-Vantaa

We’re chasing each other – the girl in the red hat, and I – the old man waving his hand in the air conduct while you whistle. Close your eyes, sink into your own little world – hum like a bee maybe that of the hotdog stand finished serving the last rush of customers, with a swoop and a scoop. Bustle back to the tarmac, airport … Continue reading Sometime after midnight in Helsinki-Vantaa