What to do when you’re so heartsick you cannot write. When all your close friends are so very far away. And you were the one who chose to come to this city. So very far away from all of those friends. It’s difficult to form new relationships over and over. “Late” at night, listening to the foreign air conditioning hum. Do you remember how dry … Continue reading Hum


18 days till I see you again. The clouds, yes, are miserable here. But they also capture all the soft, steady, subtle changes of rising and condensing vapor. Now, only a low band of light is visible on the distant horizon. Snow capped mountains gleam in its narrow channel of illumination while rain falls softly above them. The downpour hangs like dripping gray cotton from the blanket of … Continue reading Clouds

Floorboards – Chamonix Snapshot

In the silent church after dark, on the creaking floorboards, only our footsteps resound with aching intensity as if they belong to those of giants. Each crack of wood disturbs the peace of some sleeping souls, saintly in repose, their spirits resting, silently, constantly hovering in the dark. The stone walls glow faint orange with electric light. Your face blurs in the thick dimness and … Continue reading Floorboards – Chamonix Snapshot