Snapshot: Barcelona

It took a while to grow on me. The quiet aquamarine of warm waters and coarse gold sand sifts distant memories of Los Angeles through my fingertips. The soft pastel colors of the apartments are sun-washed to chalky whites. Windows gracefully draped with lacy iron balconies, hanging plants, and half-naked men smoking cigarettes. The graceful curves in the arch of their backs flow into the … Continue reading Snapshot: Barcelona

Faith, Lust, and Philosophy (Normandy in a day)

Le matin The music. The glorious music. How it resounds throughout the building, deafening, thunderous chords rolling out in waves from the organ. Voices waft eerily up into the cold curving space, intricate as the breaths of angels. Now one understands why Handel, and Mozart, and Fauré wrote like they did. It was music meant for this cathedral, for these cool vaulted stone arches, for … Continue reading Faith, Lust, and Philosophy (Normandy in a day)


“La gare” [train station] is quickly becoming my new favorite word. Something about the push and pull, the rush to the platform followed by the slow drawn out wait for the train as anticipation licks our lips. The promise of travel, the glimpse of new worlds, new pictures, new places far beyond the high vaulted, metal-laced glass ceiling, somewhere out beyond the silent sentinel of the … Continue reading Rescue