Wednesdays with Nadine

perched on the edge of a  chair the sterile color of my dry lips yellow glass of tepid water to the right two pairs of french glasses peer down expectantly across the table a pitifully thin blue binder of phrasal verbs under my left hand, i begin, “Alors, for example, if Obama…” “…Obama…Obama…Obama… mama…oh la la la!” As she blushes and leans back to pat … Continue reading Wednesdays with Nadine

16 days in France: 6 thoughts of TAPIF so far

We now interrupt our regular poetry and prose programming with a brief newscast on the banalities of my life in France thus far, in epistolary form plagiarized from an email to my sister: Hello Dearest BB, What’s up in my life? Oh dear, really too much to tell you it all! Here goes! I love my students! They’re energetic, rambunctious, and they do try hard … Continue reading 16 days in France: 6 thoughts of TAPIF so far

The Unfortunate 5

Between my two earlobes lives a little language hotel. At the moment it’s occupied by 5 unfortunates. Some are permanent residents, some are staycationers, some are nothing more than short weekend visits on the redeye. These are their tales. Well, my take on their tales: Though I can’t speak it perfectly I think French is my soul language. So flirty and expressive, I love the way … Continue reading The Unfortunate 5

Bond (Nice to Florence by Train)

I’m leaving La Region Provence Langue d’Oc-Rousillon with so many good memories. Watching the faded red and gold emblem on the train door slide past for the last time made me so sentimental. It’s the colors of the region that will stay with me forever, long after my sunburned cheeks have healed and my red backpack empties itself of sand and stops smelling of rich musty … Continue reading Bond (Nice to Florence by Train)

Greens (L’Isle sur la Sorgue)

This is the best almond croissant I’ve ever tasted. It’s falling apart in my hands, the real almond paste with specks of nutty brown ground skins still showing, buttery copper specks in crumbling sweet morsels. To top it all off, the paysage [landscape] may be even more delicious. I’m sitting by the lovely canal of the Sorgue, rustling water and humming cicadas play my gentle soundtrack. Everything in … Continue reading Greens (L’Isle sur la Sorgue)

Faith, Lust, and Philosophy (Normandy in a day)

Le matin The music. The glorious music. How it resounds throughout the building, deafening, thunderous chords rolling out in waves from the organ. Voices waft eerily up into the cold curving space, intricate as the breaths of angels. Now one understands why Handel, and Mozart, and Fauré wrote like they did. It was music meant for this cathedral, for these cool vaulted stone arches, for … Continue reading Faith, Lust, and Philosophy (Normandy in a day)

Confetti in June

On the way back to the Abesses station in Montematre I Spy 4 little boys gleefully chunking water balloons at each other and the occasional hapless passing tourist Chuckle. it’s sunny it’s late afternoon little remnants of colorful rubber litter the pavement damp from their generous recent showers Chortles of laughter scatter up the curve of the street and pieces of June scatter into clear … Continue reading Confetti in June