And cheek bashing is an especially perfect pseudonom for la bise for me, given the peculiarity of my face. Continue reading Greetings



The overhead lights in the train are such an interesting design. They stretch forward in nicely spaced intervals like the lattice of an sunny garden arbor, slightly reminiscent of a more delicate steel cable bridge. Someone must have intensely thought them out; pondering which angles give off the most pleasing aesthetics. And now they pass mostly un-noticed over the heads of iPhone absorbed passengers, or those … Continue reading Beards


The burrito first became a thing one cozy morning in Chamonix. I willingly laid myself in As meat And rolled myself up In the tortilla duvet “I’m a burrito!” I announced. And you played along And spiced me up with things Like Cheese [in the form of a furry down comforter] And then a black chocolate cushion And then two white whipped cream pillows And … Continue reading Burrito


18 days till I see you again. The clouds, yes, are miserable here. But they also capture all the soft, steady, subtle changes of rising and condensing vapor. Now, only a low band of light is visible on the distant horizon. Snow capped mountains gleam in its narrow channel of illumination while rain falls softly above them. The downpour hangs like dripping gray cotton from the blanket of … Continue reading Clouds

le 14 novembre

The day after the attacks in Paris I took a long walk in the country side. In the rolling green hills, past skeleton-gray trees coated in vibrant lime-green moss, I was escaping. Running from a fretful night spent contacting friends, reassuring family, and falling asleep in front of a glaring screen and unnerving announcements of the rising death toll on the radio. It was more … Continue reading le 14 novembre

Floorboards – Chamonix Snapshot

In the silent church after dark, on the creaking floorboards, only our footsteps resound with aching intensity as if they belong to those of giants. Each crack of wood disturbs the peace of some sleeping souls, saintly in repose, their spirits resting, silently, constantly hovering in the dark. The stone walls glow faint orange with electric light. Your face blurs in the thick dimness and … Continue reading Floorboards – Chamonix Snapshot

16 days in France: 6 thoughts of TAPIF so far

We now interrupt our regular poetry and prose programming with a brief newscast on the banalities of my life in France thus far, in epistolary form plagiarized from an email to my sister: Hello Dearest BB, What’s up in my life? Oh dear, really too much to tell you it all! Here goes! I love my students! They’re energetic, rambunctious, and they do try hard … Continue reading 16 days in France: 6 thoughts of TAPIF so far