some rambling thoughts about race in America and Asians

In the current political climate Asians are almost always left out of the political discussion. It stings me a little every time I hear someone mention the race relations in the US as Whites vs. Black and Hispanics. I read a personal essay recently by one of my friends about how Asians have been wiped out of American history, always quietly swept under the rug … Continue reading some rambling thoughts about race in America and Asians

Strong like twisting oak branches in late summer haze   your arms that bubbles to the surface Slowly like spheres of gas      your humor escapes from sticky tar melting under the summer sun then Quickly like water droplets dancing on a hot skillet Rain hanging like sheets in a gray Clamoring line your legs two blocks down we run in the sun wet … Continue reading


What to do when you’re so heartsick you cannot write. When all your close friends are so very far away. And you were the one who chose to come to this city. So very far away from all of those friends. It’s difficult to form new relationships over and over. “Late” at night, listening to the foreign air conditioning hum. Do you remember how dry … Continue reading Hum