The Water Women: two pairs of bare feet and one old curse

I love water and waves. Consequently I was the only one of my friends who wasn’t stumbling drunk when we took a freezing 2 AM plunge into the Pacific during our senior week craze. Unlike them, I didn’t need beer-fog frenzy to motivate me. Just the sound of water slapping sand and the play between the roar of black waves and soft curling white tipped … Continue reading The Water Women: two pairs of bare feet and one old curse

The Unfortunate 5

Between my two earlobes lives a little language hotel. At the moment it’s occupied by 5 unfortunates. Some are permanent residents, some are staycationers, some are nothing more than short weekend visits on the redeye. These are their tales. Well, my take on their tales: Though I can’t speak it perfectly I think French is my soul language. So flirty and expressive, I love the way … Continue reading The Unfortunate 5

Pepi (childhood memories)

she curls around winding her body into a tight little ball of fiery heat shielding off the cold Anna, my little sister sucking her pepi* contentedly like a kitten purring shaking in pleasure the noise of that sucking and i love that noise that softly penetrates the walls of sleep *”Pepi” is the moniker for “Peppermint” which is the moniker we gave her little finger … Continue reading Pepi (childhood memories)

Chinese Long Beans

Unwrap the brown butcher paper and there they lay, a long lazily looped coil, gray-green like Medusa’s hair. They are rougher than their European counterparts, slimmer like my brown fingers, stretched longer like my wool sweater left drying on a rack, wrinkled like my grandmother’s face. The haricots verts of American supermarkets are naïve in comparison with their years, their casings of smooth green fuzz, … Continue reading Chinese Long Beans

The Best Dancing

I’m one of those stereotypes: Mother plopped me in a “movement class” as soon as she realized that my crazy 4-year old whirling dervishes around the sharp kitchen counters would result in a more than one cut forehead. “Movement class” evolved into ballet class pursued rigorously right through college on pointed toes. The stage is the goal for a ballerina. It’s a wonderful goal. Dazzling lights, … Continue reading The Best Dancing