train station sample

…pairs, like the one in question prefer to create their own little microcosms… Continue reading train station sample


Wednesdays with Nadine

perched on the edge of a  chair the sterile color of my dry lips yellow glass of tepid water to the right two pairs of french glasses peer down expectantly across the table a pitifully thin blue binder of phrasal verbs under my left hand, i begin, “Alors, for example, if Obama…” “…Obama…Obama…Obama… mama…oh la la la!” As she blushes and leans back to pat … Continue reading Wednesdays with Nadine


The overhead lights in the train are such an interesting design. They stretch forward in nicely spaced intervals like the lattice of an sunny garden arbor, slightly reminiscent of a more delicate steel cable bridge. Someone must have intensely thought them out; pondering which angles give off the most pleasing aesthetics. And now they pass mostly un-noticed over the heads of iPhone absorbed passengers, or those … Continue reading Beards


The burrito first became a thing one cozy morning in Chamonix. I willingly laid myself in As meat And rolled myself up In the tortilla duvet “I’m a burrito!” I announced. And you played along And spiced me up with things Like Cheese [in the form of a furry down comforter] And then a black chocolate cushion And then two white whipped cream pillows And … Continue reading Burrito