While it comes involuntarily, slipping and sliding along icy paths is incredibly difficult to do. You have to squeeze your butt and your thighs together like a garlic press and venture out on itsy bitsy baby steps, tensing everything for the potential fall. Today on my adventure to the grocery store I must have been a sight to see: short black hair flipping everywhere, arms waving like … Continue reading February

Sometime after midnight in Helsinki-Vantaa

We’re chasing each other – the girl in the red hat, and I – the old man waving his hand in the air conduct while you whistle. Close your eyes, sink into your own little world – hum like a bee maybe that of the hotdog stand finished serving the last rush of customers, with a swoop and a scoop. Bustle back to the tarmac, airport … Continue reading Sometime after midnight in Helsinki-Vantaa