train station sample

My white rimmed-lenses zero in on a lone couple in sunny Chambery. These organisms stand out, because they self-segregate: elongated from the crowd of bright parkas belonging to a little babble of hikers heading up to the mountains. Larger groups like these prefer to congregate by the main station, with quick if costly access to nutrients, and guaranteed shelter from inclement weather. They prefer the social safety of communal living, finding solace in the appearance of belonging to a group.  On the other hand, pairs, like the one in question prefer to create their own little microcosms. For example, this one presses together in a pool of sunlight on the edge of the platform right before the concrete drops into the thin threads of rails. She sports baggy white pants, the kind seen on fashion models strutting out of the front page of a 1960s magazine, summer edition. Free, loose, flowing, and perfect on her tall slender frame. A wide white smile peaks out from under the parallel line of her sweeping maroon hat. They are listening to music together, heads bobbing, their complete joy so incredibly evident and beautiful. Sometimes it’s nice to be both creator and inhabitant of your own universe. My analysis complete.


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