Crunching through red apples in the St. Maurice train station, you’re in all black sitting on the white radiator brown eyes glowing under the blue light that filters in through the green glass window. Our breaths puff white in the gray air, frosty from our glorious yellow-leaved fall bike ride. Let’s talk about eyes and faces. And remember Gold leaves. Blue sky. Advertisements Continue reading October

Floorboards – Chamonix Snapshot

In the silent church after dark, on the creaking floorboards, only our footsteps resound with aching intensity as if they belong to those of giants. Each crack of wood disturbs the peace of some sleeping souls, saintly in repose, their spirits resting, silently, constantly hovering in the dark. The stone walls glow faint orange with electric light. Your face blurs in the thick dimness and … Continue reading Floorboards – Chamonix Snapshot

The Water Women: two pairs of bare feet and one old curse

I love water and waves. Consequently I was the only one of my friends who wasn’t stumbling drunk when we took a freezing 2 AM plunge into the Pacific during our senior week craze. Unlike them, I didn’t need beer-fog frenzy to motivate me. Just the sound of water slapping sand and the play between the roar of black waves and soft curling white tipped … Continue reading The Water Women: two pairs of bare feet and one old curse

16 days in France: 6 thoughts of TAPIF so far

We now interrupt our regular poetry and prose programming with a brief newscast on the banalities of my life in France thus far, in epistolary form plagiarized from an email to my sister: Hello Dearest BB, What’s up in my life? Oh dear, really too much to tell you it all! Here goes! I love my students! They’re energetic, rambunctious, and they do try hard … Continue reading 16 days in France: 6 thoughts of TAPIF so far

L’éclipse lunaire ii.

4:13 and your breath comes in gasps over the line, between the thunderclaps of passing cars its murmur drowned out by their rattle in my ears. i thread my way through quiet gravel paths treading by Parisien dorms, silent-black under the blood-brown moon. 4:47 our fingers freeze together in the interminable cold. 5:02 Orion to the north Casseopia overhead and Venus, you tell me, to … Continue reading L’éclipse lunaire ii.