Little People (more goodbye blues)

9/17/15 I keep moving around these past few years. And I keep saying tentative goodbyes. But with each move, each goodbye leaves another little string attached to my heart. My heart, like a bright red balloon, soars towards open blue skies and new places and new adventures. But this culmination of thin invisible strings, the fact that a few good ones have already popped, are … Continue reading Little People (more goodbye blues)


Hector was sprawled on the concrete. Nose inches from the scratchy surface he was watching the ants. He admired the way they traveled in almost perfect lines, but also deviated from their path as if they wanted to explore but instinct held them in check. Like little drunk soldiers. He had never liked the name Hector. Just so strange, not really American, but also most … Continue reading Untitled


10 days till France and I’m rearing my head and trying to escape this little train. Just suddenly, Houston seems so sweet, so beautiful. This weekend the cool dry September weather we call “fall” arrived on the heels of a thunderstorm. The weather that I’ve missed for the past 4 years in stuffy Los Angeles. And now I remember why my response was always “autumn” … Continue reading Ten

The Unfortunate 5

Between my two earlobes lives a little language hotel. At the moment it’s occupied by 5 unfortunates. Some are permanent residents, some are staycationers, some are nothing more than short weekend visits on the redeye. These are their tales. Well, my take on their tales: Though I can’t speak it perfectly I think French is my soul language. So flirty and expressive, I love the way … Continue reading The Unfortunate 5

Sirius (Labor Day, Padre Island)

By whispering waves with muted breaths we point out the night sky constellations to each other. Rare splendors for big-city folk. Under the comforting embrace of the firmament I realize we formed our own little constellation of black heads against the gray sand. A cluster of 3: my mom, my dad, and my little sister followed by a lone star: me. Like the Dog Star … Continue reading Sirius (Labor Day, Padre Island)